• 20 Aug 20
  • Posted by SusyNeuron
  • Animation

New Mocap Animation Bundles Feature Dynamic Human Character Design Tools

Our latest Mocap + Animation bundles with Reallusion feature new realism tools to create the ultimate digital human character. The dynamic new add-ons from the comprehensive Character Creator 3 character creation solution features SkinGen—an intuitive, dynamic skin layer system— and Headshot, an AI-powered CC3 plugin that generates 3D real-time digital humans from a single photo.

Character Creator 3's new SkinGen tool is an intuitive, dynamic skin layer system dedicated to human skin synthesis.

Continuing our ongoing dedication to giving creators access to a complete motion capture and animation pipeline, our new mocap bundles include the new Character Creator 3 that include both SkinGen Premium and Headshot Plugin. These tools include even more features for getting very detailed with makeup and human skin to allow you to create characters with realistic tattoos, scars, freckles and much more.

Business Partnership, animation by Marko Matosevic created with Perception Neuron and CC3. 

Animators, both professional and novice, now have the power to create detailed characters that look more realistic than ever thanks to the incredible new additions to our animation bundles. From realistic skin textures, to freckles, wrinkles and any shade of human skin, Character Creator 3 offers unlimited customization. Your digital human pipeline is completed with Perception Neuron’s full body motion capture. Head to our Perception Neuron + CC3 page to get more details on this animation package.