• 19 Oct 21
  • Posted by Anonymous (not verified)
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The Perception Neuron Face MOCAP Helmet is finally here

We've just launched out Perception Neuron Mocap Face Helmet. 
The goal was to make a simple, easy to use rig that was lightweight and affordable. 
Our team experimented with a lot of different solutions and built several custom ones before deciding on the one you see here. 

Our comfortable Mocap Face Helmet is made for all creators. Simple design and a balanced counterweight system for comfort throughout your performances.

Adjustable back to fit most head sizes.

Camera mount support for most phones, specifically iPhone X and newer to give users access to facial tracking from Unreal Engine, Unity3D and iClone and more. 


1 x Mocap Face Helmet

1 x Phone Holder

1 x Set of additional weights

*This kit does not include:

Phone or Camera for facial tracking