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For Perception Neuron Studio or Perception Neuron 3 products




Plugin Latest Version Operating System
Perception Neuron Remote Integration   Linux
Maya Plugin Windows x64
Motionbuilder Plugin Windows x64
Unity SDK 0.2.18 Windows x86, Windows x64
Unreal Live Link 4.23-4.26 Windows x86, Windows x64
NeuronDataReader SDK b18 Windows x86, Windows x64, Macintosh
Blender Neuron Mocap Live BETA Windows x86, Windows x64, Macintosh
Cinema4D Neuron Mocap Live BETA Windows x86, Windows x64



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Hardware Software  Download
Perception Neuron 32 Axis Neuron Software
Perception Neuron Pro Axis Neuron Pro Software

About Perception Neuron

We are part of Noitom Ltd. and dedicated to the development of motion capture systems for entertainment, sports, science and medicine.

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