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Gingerfall: Reckoning – Inspired by dark fantasies like Game of Thrones and the beloved childhood board game Candyland, Gingerfall: Reckoning transports you to a world of sugar and vengeance. Combat and crumbshed fill the fields of the gingerbread kingdom. The people have risen up to destroy the tasty tyrants in their candy cane thrones! Let their castle walls crumble like cookies! The revolution is upon us my brethren, and it shall be… delicious!

Created with Perceptioon Neuron V2 motion capture system.

Something’s Awry Productions
Produced by: Amy Theorin
Written by: Kurtis Theorin Animation
Editing, VFX, Sound Design by Kris Theorin
Music: Original music by Nick Angeloni featuring ‘Carol of the Bells’

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