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Created by: Yonathan Moreda

"This movie is a personal project I did in my spare time, mostly to get better grip of Unreal Engine capabilities and to further explore high quality real time . Most of the scene elements are from Sketchfab, greenery from Quixel Megascans, Mocap animations from mixamo and also used the Perception Neuron mocap system, particle systems from Epic Games marketplace and everything customized and assembled in ue4. Time spent was 7 weeks working few hours per day, I´m still impressed how fast you can go The shots creation process was a bit random because I hadn´t a script or storyboard, just the song, so i just tried to made a choreography according to the music, without care about the history. I m happy with the result and the experience after had worked deeply with Unreal Engine, defenitly you can be more creative."

Assets Modelers: Yonathan Moreda , Lora , David Falke, M Sameja, Elisey, Bartosz www, Brand Onart, Dinh Vi, Design Bureau, Omty, klerrykot, Frederic Wendt , Ejzl, Mmandali, Fearell , Ivan Yoshua , B Nealie, Quang Phan, Kapar, Igor Med, Wolvemancer, Rom1r, Ao Interactive, Galaxxxy , Artfromheath

Workstaion X-Series 3 SK - Xeon™ e3 v5 / i7-7700 with Nvidia quadro M4000 Assembled by Azken Muga
Sound Tracks : Virtual Riot - Purple Dragons (Dragons Vip) Itachi - Rap Freestyle Beat Japanese Underground Sounds Fx Editor: Stefan Ulonska aka Satori Snooks, Goaproductions

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