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Mummy of Kfrashtar


Created by Thomas Schreiter a 3D Artist from Germany in collaboration with some friends in his free time.
They are working on a computer game called "cryptarium" for the last 1.5 years.

The game will be a rougelike dungeon crawler with action fighting gameplay like dark souls and random generated levels like in the binding of isaac. 

Find them on facebook 
Or indiedb  their site 
"in this video you see my last made enemy the mummy. The actor and voice actor stephane cornicard wrote me that he found my game and like my mummy a lot so he want to voice acting the mummy for me for free .. and in this video the mummy has the voice of him. 
his website" 
"the motion capture of the mummy i have done in my livingroom using the neuron perception mocap suite with 18 neurons. I also use a guitar hero plastic guitar as sword i simulate the heaviness of the weapon .. (you can see it when the mummy attack in the movie) 
the game i make in unity 3d 5.3 and playmaker."
  • Date Published: 05/05/2016
  • Categories: Gaming, Visual Effects

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