Pausefest 2016 - Dissipate | Perception Neuron Motion Capture

Pausefest 2016 - Dissipate - motion response breakdown


Uploaded by Simon Bronson

Final Piece:

Method Studios
Director/Animator: Simon Bronson
Particle Fx: Patrick Da Cunha
Mocap Artist: Savva Tsekmes
Broken Spires

"I was thrilled for method studios to be asked to create a motion response for this years Pausefest. Having done one before I knew It was a fantastic opportunity to experiment and create something without a client looking over your shoulder.

It was the first time I'd used motion capture, Savva Tsekmes had just bought a perception neuron kit and he not only helped looked after the technical side but also did all the running and posing for the spot.

We used cinema 4D for the project, in particular, lots of mograph with SSS shaders as well as X-particles for trailing balls. We used the Physical renderer with baked in depth of field.

Many thanks to to Pat DC who brought the trails to life, including particle explosions as well as tuning the textures so they looked great in every shot.

Hats off to Sam from Broken Spires who composed the amazing track as well as sound designed the piece ."

  • Date Published: 05/05/2016
  • Categories: Art/Performance, Visual Effects

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